We are the creatures of the darkest night
The shadows are our hallowed hunting ground
Inside that darkness is where we are found
There is where we prowl, inducing deep fright

We stay out to hunt ‘til the dawn of light,
Out in that light we will never be found,
For we sleep in coffins beneath the ground,
Hiding from your Christian God’s holy sight.

because of the standards you set we must
Look dead and evil in your Christian eye.
So you say you would like to be like us,
To do that you must be willing to die.
So you say you would like to be lik eus,
To do that you must be willing to die.

Love is like a rose;
it is deep
Even intriguing.

Its beauty seems to last forever.
Though this is not true.
After just a little while,
The petals start to turn black,
And the rose falls to pieces.
The rose dies and is no longer desirable.

Love is like a rose;
It is dark,
And it dies within a week.
I sit calmly,
As it crawls all over my skin.
i feel it prick down my back
And it teases my eyes.

Growing cold;
I start to trmeble,
As if I could somehow shake off this
Deathly ice.

it starts to trickle
Evilly deep within me.
I am weak.
And I give in to its icy grip.

I believe this is the hand of Death,
Yes, I believe this is the hand of Death.
I am sorry
I made you cry,
So now I tell you
That I will die.
Not by your hand,
But by my own.
I tell you that soon
I’ll be alone,
And that I’ll cause you no more pain;\
Don;t worry about me
Ever again.
I’ll take the pills,
It wil be done.
No more pain or misery,
I’ll be all alone,
Just me, just one.
And for the last time,
I’ll make you cry;
For now I feel
that I should die.
And with this
I end the pain,

don’t know why

I don't know why,
I live a lie.
I am myself,
But who am I?

Do you care,
When I’m not there,
to ease your pain,
And your despair?

I try to be all kind and nice,
But is that really me?
And when I’m not, is that the person
That you really want tosee?

I ask you this for just one reason.
Do you like who I am,
Or who I’m supposed to be?