ojourner’s Song
It’s the little things
Ya know?
The small bits that
remind you of home
And people you left
Smells, sounds,
Snatches of conversation
Twist the knife of loneliness
Driving home the fact
That you’re not at yours.
thoughts of home
and memories of loved ones
Running through your mind constantly
Like the one time... No, wait
Shouldn’t do that, it’ll only make
Me all the more depressed and
Heart-weary and
Worn down.
Got to keep my head up
Eyes and feet on the road.
If I can keep moving, then
Eventually, I’ll make it
Where I belong.
Where my tribe is.
Of course, it will
never be quite the same
as when I left.
Small distances
too great to be bridged
Betweem people and I
After all, I’ve been places
They couldn’t imagine
We’ll both know things
have changed.
But it’s still home,
after all.
And I did leave,
So that I could do
these things and
see these places
They say
You can never go home again
But I plan on proving them wrong
So pour me one for the road
‘Cause I’ve got to be heading
on now.