The Motor Mod

  1. Open the headset unit by removing the five screws.
  2. Inside is a motor casing. Open it by removing the two screws. Be careful not to damage the flat round orange resistor or its wires there on the right.
  3. Open the motor casing and remove the gear between the motor shaft and the vibrating button. The vibrating button is now completely free to move and it can be removed, but we recommend gluing it into place so there will not be an open hole in the headset. The marked spot shoes the glob of hot glue used to keep the post in place.

While this does stop the vibration caused by the motor, it does not stop the motor from spinning- there will still be a whining motor over your ear. The motor could theoretically be replaced by a resistor of the proper resistance, but we're not sure how big it would have to be.

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