The Reset Mod

The ESS battery pack is a plastic container designed to hold six C-cells. It is open at one end and has two holes for the spring contacts at the closed end. When the operator is running, the centrifugal force can cause the batteries to press against the springs in front so hard that they lose contact with the metal strip in back of the gun. To remedy this problem:

  1. Fold a piece of aluminum foil into a strip that will fit in the bottom of the plastic battery pack to make contact with both batteries at that end. I like to cut mine to the proper shape, but a strip will work.
  2. Drop that piece of foil into the battery case and work it into its appropriate place. I usually put a piece of clear tape across the two holes in that end of the casing just to keep the foil from moving around.
  3. Then, when ready to play, install the batteries as usual, but reverse the battery pack so that the open end goes in first.
  4. The aluminum foil maintains the contact at the rear and the springs maintain contact up front at all times. Mycroft calls this a cheesey mod because you don't change the appearance of the gun, just the functionality.

Here, you can see the gun working, even with the battery case fully open.

WARNING: When installing the battery pack with the Reset Modification made, be sure the battery pack goes in open-end first. If this is not done, the foiled end will be making contact at the bottom and the regular contact will complete the circuit at the back end, causing your batteries to short circuit and become very hot (really hot!). I know... this happened to me. You have been duly warned!

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