The Paint Mods

The most obvious alterations are the Custom Polymer Skins (paint jobs) added to the guns. ROC's Chameleon Mark I has an airbrushed camouflage look to it. Damage's Chaos is the only gun now known by its designated user's callsign. Mycroft's Jr. Birdman gun is reminiscent of the assymetrical camouflage patterns used on ships in World War II. Brooke's Patriot was designed long before the current Middle Eastern affair. Syn's Quicksilver is a retro-futuristic brushed silver. Osryk's Shadow is one of several black skins, this one detailed in copper. The Smiths did marvelous jobs on their respective guns (there are two Agents Smith).

ROC's Chameleon Mark I Damage's Chaos neé Damage
Mycroft's Junior Birdman Brooke's Patriot
Syn's Quicksilver Osryk's Shadow
Agent Smith's Devonator Agent Smith's Blue
Agent Smith's Grey

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