The Team Mod

Radio Shack sells item # 272-325A, a "Holder for Bayonet Base Lamp (fits 21/32" hole, With 1 red and 1 green lens). This particular base lamp fits the casing for the red lens almost perfectly. There are three parts to the lamp assembly: the black plastic base, the metal retaining ring, and the two plastic lenses, which actually makes it four pieces, but deal with it. Remove the black plastic base... you don't need it... give it to someone you love. Make sure the hex nut is tightly screwed into the metal retaining ring as it is used as a spacer for placement purposes.

  1. Open the headset casing by removing the five screws.
  2. You now have two halves.. the front, with no electronics, and the back, with all the electronics. Carefully remove the existing red lens as the existing lamp is held in place only by two fine wires.

  3. Heat up the hot glue gun and put just enough hot glue in the lens area of the back of the headset to place the metal retaining ring in. This will securely hold the metal ring.
  4. Close the headset. The lens assembly now covers the lightbulb. Team changes take about thirty seconds.

The only problem with this mod is that the lenses from Radio Shack are not as dark as the original lens provided. Here is a simple, but non-cheesy, mod for the lenses themselves. Get some red and green Gallery Glass and paint the inside of the lenses. This darkens them just enough. If they are still too bright, put on another coat of Gallery Glass.

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