The Elastic Strap Mod

This modification replaces the existing elastic strap with a piece of double-sided Velcro (yes, actual Velcro) fastener strap. Found this stuff at my local huge home building mart. It is called Get•A•Grop Multi-Use Straps. It comes in several colors- we chose black. The straps are actually one 9' long strip that you can cut to length. We get five straps per 9' length, so, a little less than 2' per strap.

Pull the elastic strap out and discard it, since it is probably dead and no longer elastic and has several years-old knots in them trying to keep the headset on your head.

  1. Hold the headset and the overhead strap piece (it sits over your left ear) so that the two end slots overlap.
  2. Run the Velcro strap through the end slots so that the fuzzy side of the Velcro faces out. Close the circle. Instant, fully-variable headset strap to fit all head sizes!
  3. Well, maybe not all. We ran a game for a local Boy Scout Troop. One of the dads wanted to play, and he had a really big head. We had to use two strap on the back of his head! But, because it was all Velcro, everything worked marvelously!

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