Team NightForce Playfields

Team NightForce wishes to express its thanks to all entities who have provided us with playfields over the years. Without them, we would just be a whole bunch of laser tag guns sitting in foot lockers.

Our first home was Springdale Recreation Park in Dublin, GA. Many thanks to the City of Dublin Police Department for their support- we kept people from parking in the park after dark, and they kept the neighboring citizenry from lynching the "devil worshippers in the park with candles on their heads."

When we moved to Macon, we didn;t know where we were going to play. Turned out, there was a wonderful elementary school right around the corner, away from neighborhoods, surrounded by woods, and laid out fairly well with two exterior corridors and some trailers we could use as hiding places. We played at Heritage Elementary School exclusively for several years.

Our newest home is owned by a small Lutheran church. They sponsor a summer camp during the summer, but the land is rarely used during the off-season, which is most of the year. In return for our help on work days and running laser tag for the campers once a week during sessions, Trinity Woods Day Camp allows us to play nearly anytime we want. The camp site is 17 acres of deep woods, plus two shelters, restrooms, and electricity. They are awesome!
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