Legendmaker is a concise roleplaying system developed with flexibility and simplicity in mind. We have gotten away from the numerous charts, piles of books, and infinite variations of rules that role players have learned to live with. And hopefully, Legendmaker will make role playing as easy and enjoyable as you always dreamed it should be.
Legendmaker is 10-sided dice based, although any method of random percentile generation will work. Your character's abilities are based on his Proficiencies- a set of skills learned from an apprenticeship with an elder. Each Proficiency has a Percent Chance to Achieve associated with it. You roll percentile dice under these Percent Chances to Achieve to accomplish your task. Very easy.
The magic system for both Mages and Clerics is based on the same formula with adjustments based on the difficulty of the spell. In addition to this, spellcasters are limited to a certain umber of Spell Points per day. They regain these spell points through either prayer (in the case of a Cleric) or rest (in the case of a Mage). The really fantastic part of the magic system is the Unleveled spells, a set of spells that can be cast at any level, depending upon the number of Spell Points used during casting.
Legendmaker is written for anyone to understand, from beginner to battle-scarred veteran. Its simplicity is obvious. Its nuances are numerous. Its elegance is unparalleled.
Diarrah, Morris, Mycroft and an unknown dwarf are ready to take on anything... until the dice start falling wrong.