Art Credits
It is impossible to do a good roleplaying system without good art. I know. I tried. For 8 years, there was no art for Legendmaker and its predecessors. Then we found Lindsay and both she and Penny began producing the art that eventually found its way into the book. Here is the art credits page that didn't make it into the book.

    Cover Art: Shelia, Penny Lynn Kojak
    (Available as a background screen)
    7: Elf with Cleavage, PLK (Division Page)
    (Available as a background screen)
    9: Where am I?, Lindsay Rogers
    11: Adv, Tavern 01, LR
    13: Elf w/Sword, PLK (Division Page)
    15: Abduction, LR
    17: Taking her!, LR
    19: Gloating, LR
    23: Decapitation, LR
    33: Kaynyn, PLK (Division Page)
    34: No-Lines Line-Up, LR (composite by Howard I. Scott, III)
    35: Grey Dwarf, Male, LR
    36: Wood Elf, Female, LR
    37: High Elf, Male, LR
    38: Gnome, Female, LR
    39: Half-Elf, Female, LR
    40: Half-Orc, Male, LR
    41: Human, Male, LR
    42: Kaynyn, Male, LR
    43: Pheelyne 2, Female, LR
    44: Shireling, Male, LR
    47: Pheelyne, PLK (Division Page)
    49: Out the Window, LR
    51: Masqued Ball, LR
    53: Escort, LR
    55: Rich Stuff, LR
    57: Lunch, LR
    61: Kidnapping, PLK (Division Page)
    79: Cleric, PLK (Division Page)
    85: Mage in Study, LR
    89: Ouch!, LR
    93: Which way, LR
    97: Oh, shit!, LR
    99: I am not going there. LR
    103: Horse Chase, LR
    107: The Fight, LR
    111: Mage in Action, LR
    115: The Sword, LR
    117: My necklace!, PLK
    121: Look at my ass, PLK
    123: Sword, PLK (Division Page)
    (Available as a background screen)
    127: Antici-pation, LR
    129: Wolf Attack, LR
    133: Crouched and Ready, LR
    137: Adv., Tavern 02, LR
    139: Assassin at Work, LR
    141: Jynx on Point, LR
    143: Thief at Idol, LR
    145: Gnome, PLK (Division Page):
    151: Wild Boar, PLK
    152: Centaur (Fabio), LR
    153: Chiropteryx, PLK
    157: Gargoyle, PLK
    158: Gnoll, PLK
    159: Goblin, PLK
    160: Medusa, LR
    164: Obghinn, PLK
    165: Orc, LR
    166: Osheanix, LR
    167: Saur, PLK
    168: Saurian, PLK
    169: Scorp & Shire, PLK
    170: Glass Spider, PLK
    172: Wolf, LR
    173: Are these yours?, LR
    175: Lycanchanging, LR
    179: Tree Spirit, LR
    181: Dead Head, PLK
    187: Statuesque, LR
    190: Metlan, PLK
    193: Vampyre 1, LR
    201: Half Orc, PLK (Division Page)
    207: Mycroft Lurking, LR
    209: Oriental Chick, PLK
    213: Don't Kill Me, PLK
    215: Archer Chick, PLK

A Saurian, not a salamander, despite what Howard may say. Saurians are currently listed as monsters but have the potential to be great player characters. If they don't mind getting their tails stepped on.