Music for the Listening
Music soothes the savage beast or ignites a burning discussion as to whether or not we should try to listen to German epic metal music while playing... we kept the CDs. Here's a few choice cuts to set the mood for adventuring. And if these fail, you can always listen to special effects CDs. Although, you might want to watch out for those thunderstorm/rain ones. They tend to have some odd side effects.
Blind Guardian
The Forgotten Tales
Angelo Badalamenti
Soundtrack to Twin Peaks
Blue Oyster Cult
Agents of Fortune
Concrete Blonde
Welcome to Hollywood
The Eagles
Hotel California
Hell Freezes Over
Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
Welcome Back My Friends to the Show that Never Ends
Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Welcome to the Pleasuredome
Billy Idol
Vital Idol
Jean-Michel Jarre
Loreena McKennitt
The Book of Secrets
The Mask and the Mirror
Meat Loaf
Bat Out of Hell
Bat Out of Hell II- Back into Hell
Oingo Boingo
Dead Man's Party
Best of Queen
A Kind of Magic
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Fifth Element
Interview with the Vampire
James Bond Themes
Twin Peaks
Various Artists
Harley-Davidson Road Songs
Pure Moods
Almost anything!
His friends warned him that she was cold-blooded. And he just thought that she was having a bad hair day.

Music canset the mood for any adventure, and every hero needs his theme song. Here are some suggestions for that CD changer or MP3 player.