Rule Updates

First, the philosophy: if you want to alter the guidelines in any way, shape, or form, that is entirely your decision as gamemaster... You can do anything you like to alter the way the system works to make your game fun and interesting!

Death Blow (gamemaster's discretionary rule)
An attack roll of 10% or less of your character's PCA to hit an opponent. If a character has a 75% chance to hit the opponent, minus the opponent's 30% armour (making it a 45% chance to hit) and rolls an 04 or under, then the potential death blow must be parried, or the opponet is killed (or injured really badly).
Falling Damage
1d10 points of Damage Tolerance per body length beyond the first body length.
Monsters as Player Characters (gamemaster's discretionary rule)
All monsters in the Monsters section have Player Statistics. Every monster is available for conversion as a Player Character. Some manipulation might be necessary by the player or gamemaster, but it shouldn't be all that difficult to transfer. One thing to remember is that those Stats are totals based on a Base number plus a number of d10 rolls. It's usually a good thing to assume that each Stat requires at least 2d10 (so, as an average, you deduct 10 points from the number inthe Monsters section, then roll 2d10 to come up with your new value for the character).
Spell Selection
Spellcasters no longer have to choose from a limited list of spells. All of the spells are available at all levels.