Night in Shining Armour
If I could walk from my dreams,
I would walk into the waking world in shining armour.
Glissening in the sun, to blind my fears.
Steel true and strong to shield me from hate and loathing.
To protect my heart from the lances of wanting.
And my mind from the daggers of shame.
A night in shining armour to spend free of worldly pain.
A night in shining armour to play the hero again.
I could walk to you, without a worry or care.
For no matter how they dare,
They could not pierce the shining steel
That reflects the light in my heart shining for you.
A night in shining armour to be wrapped in steel.
A helmet to hide the face that belies how I feel.
Gauntlets to hide the hands that show my love.
Armour to protect my heart from the difficulties of love.
To have one night in shining armour,
I would walk from my dreams.
To have the protection of a hero, so I can see,
What a night is like without the pain of the real world hindering me.