I spend way too much time daydreaming, but it keeps me from getting into too much trouble in real life. The profile on the Cafe's main page was right- I never finish anything. It's worse than that really. I get halfway through a project then want to change it... but I don't get around to it... and then I get another idea... and the vicious cycle begins. So here I am with several ideas trapped in my head, none of which resemble the stories I started.
Maybe, one day, I will take a week off work, lock myself in my house with my computer, no internet connection, and a case of Mountain Dew and I'll walk out into the sunlight the following Monday morning with a modern masterpiece in hand. Until then, this is what I have to put my name on:
Fugitive from Reality
This poem is really short. That's how I managed to get it finished.

Another poem that is also fairly short. It's about an angel who gets to do God's dirty work.

Crossing the Band-width
An essay of sorts about life on the Internet. It has no real continuity because I just spewed it out during a slow night at work.

A Night in Shining Armour
It's all about not wanting the rest of the world to put its stress on your relationship. That is at least what I intended it to be about.

Why are the Angels Screaming?
A drowning. A return to life. Voices that keep on telling you that they are right. This is a new piece that doesn't stick to a rhyming sceme and is in major need of editting. But, alas, it's something to post.

Chasing the Fairytale
Short bit that I could make into a lengthy essay, but I never got around to it. When I read back on this intro, I thought it was amusing.

The Apprentice
There's a couple of stories behind this. The premise, though, can be summed up with the idea that higher beings exist and they have jobs to do it. But needless to say, I will never finish this piece, as I have changed my mind about it so often... and I think this version is totally limp.

The Apprentice (A Rewrite)
The story that would not die despite the topic. This version is a little less limp but unfinished.

Another great premise... another limp story. What if you could travel to the corners of the mind where dreams are formed? What if you could live there? What if you didn't come back? This sounds a lot cooler than the story I ended up with. (Some of my notes are included in it.)

Random Vampire Story
This was written before my days of playing Vampire: The Masquerade. And it's not really one piece, just some random things that are associated with the same story but were never integrated.