hasing the Fairytale
Today, the ugly witch works in the adjoining cubicle and the handsome prince is gay. We have all learned that glass slippers break. The shards cut deep and true and, a few, have even tasted the blood.

All little girls are told the stories of women like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White. The impossible tales of chivalry, love at first sight, magical coaches and mystical lands little girls linger over in their daydreams. Every girl dreams of being one of those fabled women, whisked away from their dull lives and swept into the arms of a prince.

Until, one day, the little girl blossoms into a modern woman. Having left home to fulfill her destiny, she stands on the edge of her future with a college diploma in hand. She steps out into the real world to make a name for herself, but somewhere, in the back of her mind, the words 'happily ever after' still echo. The modern princess sighs at the cliché. For she has come to the conclusion that there are no more princes left in her small corner of the world and the few frogs who inhabit the place aren't worth a case of warts.

So, in order to find a prince, the princess does what any other technologically literate girl would do...

She gets connected.