hy are the Angels Screaming at Me?
I let myself go and let the water rise.
My limbs puling me to my demise.
There in the darkness, I heard them whisper.
And before I awoke, I heard them call.

It was a waking dream and they continued,
to call, to sing, to whisper in my mind.
Through the years, a stream of promises,
of wishes in my lonely time.

They consoled me in my happiness
And punished me in my pain.
Bringing laughter at all the wrong moments.
Leaving me to wish I were sane.

But then I looked to the skies one day
to see the blinding sun.
And intense single light that cleansed
the heavens above.
All light and no beings,
As the whispers turned to screams.

I turned my back to the heavens,
As they have abandoned me.
"We brought you back," they said.
"I was never gone," I replied.

So the last believers walked away
and looked towards the horizon to another day.
They left their martyrs behind
And bathed in the light.
We turned our backs to the heavens
And the angels cried.

They screamed and howled to my brethren and me.
"Why have you abandoned Thee?"

Only I could hear the crying,
Only I could hear them scream.
As humanity brought down the gods they created.
The angels kept screaming at me.

"We love you," they cried.
"I no longer believe in you," I replied.

The rain began to fall and drenched the earth in tears.
I turned my back to the heavens, looked to myself,
And faced my own fears.
The angels screamed bitter words, that only I could hear.

"Why did you leave us?" they asked.
"Why did you let the gods disappear?"
"I faced my humanity," I replied.
"I faced my own fears."

So the clouds broke and the sun arrived,
Burning clean the pavement,
As the screaming died.

I turned my back on the heavens
And heard the unfathomable sound,
Of a multitude of halos
Shattering upon the ground.

The angels disappeared from the skies,
And with them, they took their holy lies.
The paradise they promised came with the day
Humanity abandoned the gods they created
And went their own way.

It was me the angels screamed at, so long ago.
It was me they looked down upon.
It was me who walked the earth below.

"It was a miracle," they said.
"Your life remained because of our undying love."
"But wasn't it your voices that lulled me to the deep?
It wasn't your wings that lifted me to the fresh air above."

Humanity will survive without your bitter songs.
And I will be much better off,
Without your whispers to push this insanity along.

So I turned my back to the heavens,
And listened to the wind.
To my joy, the only voice I heard,
Was my heart within.