emories Shock Me
Memories shock me today...
The invisible contrast of snow on sand,
The sound of surf and your breathing,
The heat of your skin under my cold hand.
I can hear your voice in my ear,
Soft and hungry, telling me your
Secrets on the bedroom floor
In the basement of the sand castle.
There was laughter and smiles,
Real laughter, real smiles,
And real hope.
“And my mom says June is not too soon.”
So, June it is.
June of someday.
And I hope someday is
Someday soon, though soon is something
Relative. I’ve already waited.
I will always wait, because I know the meaning of
Perfect and how I relate to you in

I never meant to scare you away.
I wish I knew how to entice you back.
Not to you r detriment- you are three now.
And I know how important the other two
Are to you. Believe me.

So, I sit in my living room,
Eating frozen fruit,
Trying to get over the sick
Of the flu. I can taste the chili.
I can taste the wines.
I can taste the cheeses.
I can taste the vendaloo.
Parking on the upper levels and taking the elevator down
Just to be alone for a few extra moments before
The shopping begins.
Hungry kisses behind the aisles of toys,
Avoiding the eye of the security camera,
Or, maybe, just not caring.

Call it the fever. Call it the illness.
Call it my madness, for I have always claimed
Madness. One man. One madness.
One woman. Perfect and beautiful and

Smile some more. Please.

Thanksgiving Day, 2004, after many dreams.