I am a product of my times: I think my parents are perfect and that MTV was better when they actually broadcast music videos. I feel that truth is more important than fact and that teaching by example is far better than preaching from behind a bookstand. I write because I feel the need to... if what I write is fun or entertaining or helpful, then great. If not, you can always click elsewhere. Like my personal site: http://www.chaos-enterprises.com/syn

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New Installments
Scary Thoughts
From a Distance

Valentine's Day, 2005
Thanksgiving 2004

The Weblog of a Presidential Candidate
Constant updates, both political and personal.

The Great American Fantasy Romance:
Aloris Janyn and Valmedrin
A novel I am writing. Though none of this is in any particular order, Aloris and Val have been wandering around in my head for more than a decade. Their history is extensive and I can only hope that my writing is up to the challenge of chronicling their lives together, mortal and immortal.

Kick Me Hard
I was in a band in college. Here are some of the songs, with words and eventual explanations.

Father Michael
Father Michael was a priest of the Catholic Church in Atlanta, Georgia, when one of his parishoners became a vampyre and, in turn, brought him to the dark side of the sun. Now, Michael has vowed to destroy all nosferatu. This is his on-going story.

The Reflections of a Madman
A collection of thoughts and dreams and writings from my college days and beyond. Publication on paper would be great! "Genesis" in particular has received quite a bit of enthusiastic response.

..And other thoughts
Things I couldn't include in Madman, but want to include somewhere.

Hawklok was my favorite FRP character. This is his story. It was originally written as one huge file, but that is impractical on a website, so I broke it up. Enjoy!

Hawklok, Book Two: Return of the Knight
I needed a sequel. Hawklok hadn't said all that I wanted to say. There were other characters I wanted to bring in, other stories that I wanted to tell that branched off from Hawklok's. Here's the second novella. It's not complete... these are installments in a running series that will eventually be a book.

I can handle criticism pretty well, but if it's just hate mail, don't insult my good sensibilities with it. Just e-mail me your thoughts.