or Monday, 14 Feb 2005
That day approaches, that day those who are truly single truly despise, and that day those who are part of a whole savor. I am caught in the middle, for no matter how far distance separates us, no matter how much time passes, no matter the lives in between, we are never apart, never separate as long as our dreams, our thoughts, our souls connect. And through that connection, as thin as it may seem to those outside, our lives are shared and made complete. We hold hands in our minds, and our unconscious and subconscious work together to meet in the middle of our distance every night, every thoughtless moment. Not a thoughtlessness where something important is forgotten, but a thoughtlessness where we are quite literally thinking nothing- moments driving, moment in waking up, in finding our ways through those rituals of morning waking that do not require thought, and those moments before sleeping, when our thoughts, though, perhaps, rampant, still need no conscious effort to maintain.

This is our day. Ours.