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NightForce v2.0

Relocated to the playfields of Heritage and Trinity, Team NightForce is pushing the envelope of tactical play. Although Heritage is a traditional flat field play area, Trinity is almost entirely wooded, including an all-too-wide creek with real water flowing through it.

Click here for the new roster of Team NightForce Infrared Tag!

NightForce v1.0 (The Original Team)

Formerly based at Springdale Park in Dublin, Georgia, this intrepid group of adventurers typically met on Friday nights to be all that they could be without having to adhere to stringent rules and slobbering sergeants. The original ranks included:

>Bob- Deadly. Er, make that Dead.
>Crowley- Invincibly Invincible
>Dak- Scary. 'Nuff said.
>Damage- The Name Says it All
>Drin- Mean and Nasty All the Way Through
>Mycroft- Anything but Cute
>Osryk- The Man with No Plan
>Overkill- Kamikazee Dude
>Roc- The Man with the Plan
>Syn- The Other Man with the Other Plan
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