Night Force










Mycroft Name: Mycroft

Team: Night Force (Inactive)

Division: Police Recon

Weapon: Junior Birdman Gun

Weapon Mods: Custom Polymer Skin, Lighted Sights

Considered very dangerous and lethal when she is not busy running around in circles. Her tactics include running around the enemy and, either, successfully sneaking up behind them and killing them off efficiently or sneaking up behind them and getting herself killed off efficiently.


Mycroft has taken out a team of four players by herself without getting hit once. They made the unfortunate mistake of losing track of her position and she made them pay.


Mycroft has been known to run into large, obviously painful objects, including, but not limited to, railroad ties, fences, and ropes. And it is also known that local law enforcement officers really enjoy shining their high beams on her when she's trying to be stealthy.

Known Whereabouts

In virtual life, try for more in depth information. Or address any inquiries to her at

Best Really Long Story

Tales of the Infradead mention a bit about Mycroft's run-ins with the law. But we have found the complete story as told by Mycroft herself...

You see, my story starts November 1st of 1995, when I was pulled over for speeding in Irwinton, Georgia. Upon stopping, I was asked the obligatory, "Can I see your driver's license and registration, ma'am?" I showed him both because if I didn't I would have more than a speeding ticket on my record. He took my license, looked at it with his big MagLite and then asked me in all seriousness, "Ma'am, how do you pronounce your last name?"

Most people would not find this a stupid question to ask a person but then I'm not most people. You see, my name is Penny Kojak. Yeah, that's right, Kojak. K-O-J-A-K. Just like the bald guy on TV.

I politely replied, "Penny Kojak," while saying to myself, "My god, what an idiot."

After the officer finished asking me what I was doing with a sword in the front seat of my car, he let me off with a verbal warning. I went about my happy way without having to deal with anymore cops until February of 1996 when I applied for my gun permit.

I had made a couple of trips to the sheriff's office to get fingerprinted for my gun (real gun) permit and thought I had seen the last of any cops for a while. Until we received a call at the house one Sunday morning. It was a deputy. He was looking for me. My boyfriend handed me the phone wondering what in the hell I had done now. You see, the last time the cops called our house looking for me I had sorta misdialed a telephone number late one night. Well, my computer dialed a number I typed in incorrectly. The number belonged to a detective. My boyfriend had to explain the mishap to two burly detectives while I was away at work. He gets edgy when the cops call looking for me. Go figure. This time it was just the deputy calling to tell me that I had to return for one more fingerprint. I returned and thought that was the last I would be seeing of any cops. I was wrong again.

I got pulled over for speeding. This time I was less than a quarter mile from my front door. A friend of mine, who had found the story of my previous speeding offense amusing, was sitting in the passenger's seat when I muttered, "He sure as hell had better not ask me how to pronounce my last name."

Well, that cop sure as hell asked me and I politely told him, "Penny Kojak," and he politely let me off with a verbal warning and some advice to get my speedometer calibrated. Once again, I thought that was the last time I would see a cop for a while, but my luck never seems to fail. It's always bad.

The next weekend, five of us invaded the park across the road from my house to play Electronic Survivor Shot. I was already in a bad mood when yet another pair of headlights came down the road into the park. A few cars had already driven through and hassled us while we played. I basically wasn't in a good mood. I was waiting for a fight. While I was keeping myself from getting shot by hiding behind a telephone pole, this car drove up. It seems this car had takedown lights and they were pointed directly at me. The car made a small circle so that I got the full effect of its headlights and takedown lights. I know I must have been a sight in my Atlanta Braves hat with my gun in hand. It was definitely a Kodak moment.

I was waiting for Barney Fife to jump out and yell, "Put down your weapon or I'll shoot!" Luckily, this didn't happen. The nice police officer got out of his car and walked over to me and asked what we were doing. I told him we were playing LazerTag and I showed him my big silly gun which I had kept pointed at the ground in a non-threatening manner the whole time. He asked me a couple of other questions. (At least this time I wasn't asked how to pronounce my last name.) He made sure I knew the park closed at 11:00 and he then turned to get back in his car but not before he turned back to me and said, "You might want to find a new hiding place."

We don't call them Dublin, Georgia's, finest for nothing.


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