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Welcome to our little vacation

It took us 3 days, 1200 miles, several pit stops, and one never-to-be-repeated trip on the Bronx Expressway (and we use that term loosely, almost 3 CDs' worth of stand-still traffic) but, at last, we made it to Martha's Vineyard. Or, more precisely, to the Campground in Oak Bluffs.

The cottage to the right belongs to Howard's parents, Bill and Eleanor, and Bill was the one who named it "Over the Rainbow" in honor of the Oz books. Howard's mom kinda forced the change, though, saying that the previous name, "Lane's End," was astonishingly morbid. Howard's parents' last name is Lane... there's a pun there somewhere. The front is complete with small murals from the Oz stories.

We have the digital camera, and, hopefully, over the next few days that we are up here, we'll post a whole bunch of pictures to share with you all that we are doing. But for now, I've put together a brief tour of the cottage and a few select shots of the Campground.

See you if we can tear ourselves away,
Penny and Howard