Hasbro's Electronic Survivor Shot (circa 1990)

Yes, this web site is dedicated to a defunct game. So what... we love it!

Now, on with the introduction...

A few years ago, Hasbro produced a short-lived infrared tag game called Electronic Survivor Shot. I bought as many units as I could find. Unfortunately, Hasbro discontinued the line in 1990 and no longer has any Electronic Survivor Shot units. No one else knows where any are. If you have any information leading to the whereabouts of a cache of ESS guns of any size, please e-mail us.

Why infrared tag instead of paintball?

  • Cost-effectiveness. With ESS (or other tag systems), your only disposable resource is batteries. Even these can be replaced with rechargeable cells. No expendable balls to buy, no air cartridges to replace or refill.
  • No protective gear required. This might also fall under the cost-effectiveness of the systems. Sure, you can choose to go all out and buy body armour for infrared tag if you like the costuming part of it. Otherwise, just wear sensible clothing. As we say here at Nightforce: "Good guys wear white; winners wear black."
  • No age limit. Anyone who can wear the gear can play.
  • Limited physical contact. With anything. No balls whizzing through the air, no painful hits in the chest. This is a true non-contact sport.
  • This last is probably the greatest advantage of infrared tag over paint ball- Zero Residual Presence (ZRP). Done properly, one can host a 100-person game of infrared tag in a professional office building all night long and, at the end of the game, walk away without a single shred of evidence that anyone has been there. No paint marks on the walls, no expended air canisters, no unexploded paintballs rolling around the floor. ZRP makes infrared tag one of the cleanest sports going! Provided equipment, it can be played anywhere, with anyone, without having to worry about leaving a mess.

What's Here Anyway?

After playing the game for a few years, we have learned a few things that we would like to share with other players of ESS, including, but not limited to:

Tech Specs

All that stuff they say about the game on the box and all the stuff we have found to the contrary.


The standard ESS guns are okay. Ours are better. From the simple paint job to the top secret mini-maglight modification, there are instructions for all sorts of helpful alterations.

Rules of Play

So you don't have to make all the mistakes and falls and stumbles we have made, we give a handy guide to some rules we use while playing.

Tales of the Infradead

Okay, sometimes rules do not eliminate all the problems of playing on public property or in parking garages or around cacti. We have collected some stories, not only from our local players, but from players around the country.

The Players

After all the hype, you are probably wondering what type of person it takes to play this game. Meet the players of NightForce, their Feilds of Play, and find out how your team could be a part of this site, too.

You are victim number



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