After playing ESS for a while, we realized the guns had some inadequacies. There were things that we thought we needed and wanted for our guns. So we opened them up and made some minor alterations.

The majority of these modifications do nothing for the power or range of the weapon, but add to the functionality and fashion sense of the guns.

The Agent Mods

The Cat5 Mod

The Velcro Mod

The Motor Mod

The Reset Mod

The Skin Mods

The Team Mod

The Flashlight Mod

Roc the Gun God came through one weekend and installed an incorporated flashlight into Syn's gun after some long and careful deliberation by Syn. The head of a Wal-Mart brand rubber flashlight was hacked off with a Dremel Mototool and finely sliced with an Xacto knife. It was installed under the light-emitting barrel. With Mototool, Swiss Army Knife, and pliers, a piece of copper was formed into a "rounded contact." A slide switch was added and the whole was wired directly to the ESS battery pack. An 8.63 volt incandescent bulb was installed. It's very bright! And it looks like part of the gun, as if it were designed that way! Thanks, Roc!

The Glowing Fingernail Polish Mod

Mycroft wanted to see her sights in the dark. Luckily, it was October and Wal-Mart had glow-in-the-dark fingernail polish. With nail brush in hand, Mycroft carefully coated the front sight with several layers of the polish. Sure enough, the sight glowed... for about two minutes. Then she had to use her flashlight to recharge the sight, completely blowing any cover she might have had. Syn called this a cheesy mod... and it was.

The Lighted Sights Mod

Another cool modification has been the addition of lighted sights front and rear to assist in night-time play. Because we only play at night, this is probably a good thing. Using regular run-of-the-mill LEDs and a 180 ohm resistor from Radio Shack, we jumped the power straight off the ESS battery pack. We thank Roc for these mods as his electronic expertise was most definitely required. Roc and Mycroft both have a separate On/Off switch. Seer has experimented with a trigger-activated version. Syn's trigger-actuation is flawless, thanks to Roc. All of these could be wired directly to the gun's On/Off switch, but we're not too sure of the integrity of the system, so we didn't.

The Sunburst Mod

Seer is a photographer. He had an old three-power flash sitting around in a shoe box. He mounted the flash unit to the underside of the barrel and extended the battery pack to his belt. He extended the "test" button to a tiny push button on his gun. He keeps it set on high beam and has a tendency to aim at your eyeballs. You might get one shot in before you're blinded and he just pops one shot after another off your target.

This mod has since been installed in the first true Night Force Custom gun, The Ghost in the Shell.

The Top Secret Mod

We are pretty sure this mod will add some range to your gun, but you have to be willing to sacrifice a mini Mag-Light for it. You find one of the AA cell sized Mag-Lights and remove the mirrored dish from around the bulb. With a few nips to the gun case with a Mototool, the dish will fit snugly around the infrared emittor in the gun. There is not a picture of this modification because Roc is very, very secretive about it. Thus, the name.

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