There are characters, plans, adventures, quotes, and, yes, even antagonists and non-player characters that must be recognized for the brilliance, insight and mind-numbing hilarity that they add to a game. It is on this page that we celebrate the ones who have made the Stragegists what they are today... the same people they were yesterday, only with better stories to tell.

The Hall of Fame

"His name is Bruce."

Everyone's favourite NPS (non-player shark), Bruce, was the source of not only the quote above but also one of the strangest plans concocted to blow a fish out of water. With a couple of chickens from the ship's galley stuffed with vials of poison, and a fireball spell set to go off on command, the adventuring party fed Bruce his last supper. They managed to blow poor Bruce to bits that showered down on the deck of their ship. But it was one character's worry over one of the chickens stuffed with a poison vial that led her to yell out, "Watch out for the second chicken!" Which is undoubtedly one of the stupidest quotes known to the gaming world.


Just a little help from Myshella...

It's great to see two characters team up to pull off a plan, especially when they are Masej, an uptight cleric of Myshella, and Osryk, a "no morals prick" mage. With the help of several blessings from Masej and just a little (A LOT!) of help from the goddess Myshella, Osryk was able to conjure up a Sphere of Entrapment in order to rescue Lord Skaryn's daughter. Unfortunately, their teamwork came with little reward when it was discovered the princess didn't have all that princess-like of a soul.


"I have a permit!"

Seems that spell-casting in this particular city was a licensed act and, luckily enough, Adzam the Great had a permit on him when he started to haphazardly (and somewhat uncaringly) cast spells. One of the spells was "Color," which took effect on two mages who were, at the time, very much involved in attempting to kill one another. Adzam was thinking that something in hot pink would be nice. The shock of turning hot pink caused both mages to lose track of their spells and, to their distress, produce a wonderful shimmering ball of light that exploded and moved the front wall of the tavern facing the street back a good foot or two. Very proud of himself for having (accidentally) branded the two mages in order for the authorities to apprehend them, Adzam the Great pulled out his card and gleefully said, "I have a permit." Luckily, the party left town the next day, for it was only a 24 hour permit.
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