Have you ever had a moment when you thought you knew all the answers and had everything worked out and were on the edge of righting all the wrongs, fixing all the breaks, and putting all those pesky ducks into a row... then, out of the blue a fellow party member says something like, "I wanna talk to the boat."?

Well, the Strategists have had more than their share of those moments and through careful research and much blackmailing, we have been able to compile the worst of the worst in fantasy role-playing.

The Hall of Shame

Definition of 'strategy' number 18: Never mention the bad guy's name in public.

There are reasons that we have included the meaning of strategy on our home page- so you don't make the same mistakes we did. And this one was a bad mistake. Seems two party members were a wee bit tipsy during a masquerade ball when they started asking about one "Lord Christopher". It was only a matter of time, very little time, before the news got back to his lordship and the entire party found themselves on the docks of Southport making haste for a boat while a large group (around 40) of vampires nipped at their heels. Did we mention Lord Christopher was a blood sucking leach and head of a very unsavory group of vampires known as the "Xhado Klan?"


"I wanna talk to the boat."

As the bloodsucking leaches were pressing in, our unaware party members were patrolling the docks and came upon a rather nicely outfitted boat (This boat was soon to be their escape from the bad guy whose name they shouldn't have mentioned.), when one of them blurted out the phrase above. He meant to talk to the people on the boat but when the boat, with the help of a mage from the party, began to talk to him, he found the conversation interesting and, upon the request of the boat, even did some backflips for the boat's amusement.


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