Gamemaster: He Who Plays Osryk

Morris (Kaynyn Fighter)
Solstice (Human Fighter)
Darktooth (Half-Orc Holy Warrior)
Mycroft (Human Thief)
Masej (Half-Elf Holy Warrior)
Jericho (Human Mage)
Getim (Gnome Mage)
Adzam the Great (Human Mage)


The Background Story

The sins of the past have caught up with our hapless adverturers. It seems that two of the party members, Solstice and Jericho, were once part owners in a keep outside of Cysil called Arcana.

Arcanna was home to a group who worked under the authority of Judge Oakshott. They were sent out on all sorts of missions. Missions that earned them enemies. Two years ago, an unknown group of these enemies started killing city councilmen and vowed to continue the killing until Arcana was vacated. A small army of guards were sent from the city to insure the owners left. The group fled Arcana and left the keep to be pillaged.

Two years later, assassins have been sent out to kill Jericho and Solstice, but there seems to be some confusion as to who sent them and the motives behind the assassinations.

The Story So Far...

It was all quite innocent. The party was sitting around a pub in Southport when Getim, the gnome, decided to go outside for a stroll. She was dragged into an alley with a knife to her neck and given the message that the group had an hour to live unless "certain items" were returned. The thugs dropped Getim and seemingly disappeared. Nervous, she ran into the pub to warn her fellow adventurers.

Well, warning the party wasn't a simple matter. After Getim got ale poored on her by a shireling, Morris, the Kaynyn, tried to pick her up by her head and she stabbed him in the hand. The scuffle led to someone getting nudged and then a barfight ensued. But a very educational barfight.

We ended up running through several of the circles of Cymor searching for Goldbern, the bad guy who ha dbeen blamed for several murders. Another fight ensued and Mycroft, Morris, and Solstice took a prisoner. Morris and Mycroft tortured him, then it all ended up being a dream or something and now...

The party has now recovered their old home, Arcana ("It's a dead man's party. Who could ask for more?" -Oingo Boingo) a keep 15 miles outside the massive city of Cysil. They were attacked by several opponents who ported into the keep. They're not breathing well right now. Actually, they aren't breathing at all.

The party is stocking the bar for a party. As Mycroft is so fond of saying... "Woohoo! A bar!"
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