Character Sheets & Quick Sheets
Download the Character Sheets, Gamemaster Aids, and Quick Sheets in PDF format.
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Character Profiles
These are descriptions, illustrations and PDF characters sheets of some of our favorite player characters. Use these to model your own characters or as non-player adventures to add a bit of mischief to your own fantasy world.

Monster Profiles
This is the repository of the labors of Illiana Sureshot, wood elf naturalist in the emply of the Elven Queen. It contains sketches and descriptions of many of the beasts found in the worlds of Legendmaker.

Art Credits
We have had a lot of questions about who drew what in the book. This page will clear up any arguements. And, in the future, it will provide some stories, anecdotes, and the reference photos that provided the basis for a lot of the artwork in Legendmaker.

Background Screens
Nifty background screens (wallpaper) featuring artwork from Legendmaker.

Outside Resources
Where do we get our good ideas? What do we do in our spare time when we aren't developing a roleplaying system? These listings of books, movies, and music goes through just about every genre imaginable, except country and western.

Lindsay, one of the Legendmaker artists, enjoys lunch with the 'village idiot', Richie, a Legendmaker playtester. The reference photo for this was taken during the 1998 Georgia Rennaissance Festival.